Fawn Germer to Keynote Tampa Bay’s AchieveHERs Inaugural Luncheon

Fawn Germer to Keynote Tampa Bay’s AchieveHERs Inaugural Luncheon

October 21, 2013

The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce (CRCC) has been seeking better ways of reaching out to women business leaders. After commissioning a market research study that found women want a forum in which to share their experiences with other women in business, the CRCC established the women’s networking group AchieveHERs. AchieveHERs will hold an inaugural luncheon at Ruth Eckerd Hall on Thursday, November 7 from 11:30-1:30 p.m., featuring Fawn Germer as their keynote speaker. Germer is a well-known leadership speaker and executive coach, Oprah Book Club author and four-time Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist.

At the upcoming luncheon, Fawn Germer will address “Hard-Won Wisdom,” covering what today’s most successful women—Nobel Peace Prize winners, Olympic athletes, CEOs, presidents, prime ministers and Academy Award winners—learned the hard way.

Germer will also moderate a panel discussion about three of the area’s most prominent women in business, and what major hurdles each had to overcome in order to achieve success:

●Holly Duncan—President Emeritus, Morton Plant Mease Foundation
●Nancy Ridenour—Shareholder, PDR Certified Public Accountants
●Judy Mitchell—Former President and Owner, Peter R. Brown Construction

“Fawn has had a tremendous impact on my life. She gets right to what really matters. She touches an emotional chord that pushes us out of our comfort zones. Her real-life stories help all of us to realize that our shortcomings can turn out to be our greatest gifts. She challenges us to take risks and pull ourselves to a level we never thought we dared to go.” —Marie Quintana, VP Multicultural Sales, PepsiCo

The AchieveHERs, recently featured in a front-page Clearwater Beacon article, includes some of Tampa Bay’s most recognizable names, including seven business owners, three politicians, and the CEO of the Johnson, Pope, Boker, Ruppel and Burns law firm. Because women have such a significant presence in business—as the biggest hiring force second to public companies—groups such as AchieveHERs can be largely influential in finding relevant solutions to some of the problems women face on a daily basis.

“Women are now more distinguished in the world of business,” said Tina Tenret, founding chairwoman of AchieveHERs. “Once leadership began to shift from being male-dominated, we realized that we had to create a program that would not only benefit female business leaders who have already found their niche, but also create an opportunity for the aspiring young women in business.”

Tenret hopes the luncheon will inspire women in all levels of business to seek out groups like AchieveHERs and begin taking the next steps in building their business. The group plans to continue creating opportunities by helping women overcome obstacles and increasing their competitive edge as entrepreneurs.

AchieveHERs will hold an inaugural luncheon at Ruth Eckerd Hall on Thursday, November 7 from 11:30-1:30 p.m. Seating space for the luncheon is limited.

To reserve tickets to the event, or to sign up for updates and upcoming event information, please visit http://www.achievehers.org or call 727-461-0011.

About AchieveHERs:

To meet the demand of businesswomen in the Clearwater region, AchieveHERs was established under the auspices of the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce to be a regional leader providing camaraderie, support, networking opportunities and valuable new insights to women in business. AchieveHERs will provide impactful quarterly events that share insight, ideas, skills and success stories to ultimately help women overcome obstacles to their success. AchieveHERs is open to both established women in business and those aspiring to lead. For more information or to inquire about membership or attend events, visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/AchieveHers or their website at http://www.achievehers.org.

About Fawn Germer:

Four-time Pulitzer nominee Fawn Germer is the only author and speaker who has personally interviewed many of America’s most successful leaders in order to learn their specific success and leadership strategies. Germer left journalism to write her first book, and overcome untold obstacles to promote herself and her book in the wake of 9/11. But as soon as Oprah told the world how inspiring Fawn’s book was, Fawn became one of the nation’s most sought-after speakers. Her new book, Pearls, brings together the wisdom, insight and leadership strategies from more than 200 famous women leaders, such as Hillary Clinton, Martina Navratilova, Erin Brockovich, Susan Sarandon and Jane Goodall, as well as Nobel Peace Prize winners, women prime ministers, presidents, CEOs, Olympic athletes, and many more. Pearls is Germer’s seventh book. Audiences love Germer because she’s been there. Up, down, winning and losing. Germer shares stories of creating triumph out of defeat, inspiring others to believe in themselves and take the risks involved in living a bold life. For more information visit Germer at http://www.fawngermer.com and http://www.hardwonwisdom.com.